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Mrs. Sophia Dorman
Director of Montessori Global
Nest and Admissions
Mrs. Sophia Dorman is a Florida Native, born and raised in Central Florida. She has three beautiful children, two whom also attend Montessori Global Research Institute. After graduation of high school, she went off to college to pursue her career choice in business administration and finance. She has owned many of her own businesses, including an investment firm. After having her first child she realized that she wanted to be as close to them as she could while still supporting her family. Early childhood education is where she found herself, she completed all DCF requirements, CDA requirements, currently holds her directors’ credentials, is nationally recognized and more recently enrolled in the Infant/Toddler Montessori Certification program. Mrs. Dorman is currently the Admissions and Director at MGRI. She chose Montessori because she knew that she wanted more for her children’s education. She wanted to nurture the whole of her children and not just the academic portions. She chose Montessori Global after meeting with Dr. Cipolloni and seeing her love and affirmations for the child. She knew that she wanted an educator for her child that was not just looking at her child as a number but at their soul.
Ms. Marques has a MA in Clinical Psychology with concentration in Child Development. She joined the founders of Montessori Global Research Institute in 2011 with one clear charge: to support the founder’s dream of designing and creating one of the most engaging and rigorous Montessori academic programs in the city of Ormond Beach. Since then, Ms. Marques became the MGRI Organizational Consultant. In that role, she contributed to the developmental and educational curriculum composed many of the essential organizational policies, manuals, and handbooks, helped craft the organizational structure of a caring and vibrant Montessori school culture. Ms. Marques embodied new roles in the Montessori Global organizations: the MGRI Director of Distance Education and Director of Administration for the Montessori Global Teacher Education Institute, where she is leading the project implementation for the four levels of Montessori credentialing in Florida and North Carolina. Ms. Marques is also the Founder and Secretary for Circles of Care Community Projects, Inc., (10/2010-current) a non-profit organization founded in 2010, to provide community services in the areas of health, mental health, and social services in Florida underserved areas.. Areas of Expertise: early childhood development and education, Early/Head Start programs, children health services, daycare administration, project design and grant writing, infant/children mental health, child abuse & neglect, early identification and intervention, and disability services. Specializations: Child Abuse and Neglect (Level 1 and 2), Neuropsychology (Level 1 and 2). Certifications: NC Early Educator Certification (EEC); level MA/MS, Trainer of Trainers for several developmental assessments. Co-author of 21 Interdisciplinary Scales of Development for children ages from birth to 7. She provided numerous in-house and outside training on areas of expertise; she is a Lifetime member of Ashoka Innovators for the Public.

Telma Marques, MA
MGRI Director of Distance Education
MGTEI Director of Administration
Ms. Lorie Smith was born in Rochester, New York. When she was young her father relocated her and her five brothers and sisters to Florida. The family settled in Volusia County in the city of Debary right on the St. John's River, where she and her siblings spent all their time on the river and exploring nature. She graduated high school from Colonial High School and took her education at the University of Central Florida where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minor in Education. She went on to teach ESE in the Elementary schools in Pine Hills, Middle School in Orlando and then settled at Millennium Middle School in Sanford where she retired in 2019. With over 20 years' experience in the classroom, she is delighted to bring her knowledge to Montessori Global and enhance their learner outcomes and objectives as well as enhance their distinctive learning program. She has two amazing and beautiful now adult children, a daughter and son who resides in Volusia County. In her spare time, you can find her caring for horses in the barn or having a beach day with her beautiful grandchildren.

Ms. Lorie Smith
Director of Reading and
Student Learner Outcomes

Ms. Amal Saleh
Human Resources
& Finance Director
Ms. Amal Saleh joins the Montessori Global Research Institute (MGRI) team as the Human Resources Director. Ms. Saleh brings international program management experience from the non-profit sector which will lend itself to providing HR solutions through policy, technology, and staffing. While Ms. Saleh is new to Montessori, she is eager to support the advancement of Montessori education through MGRI. Ms. Saleh holds a Master of Arts degree from George Washington University.

Ms. Valentina Rivera
Office Assistant

Ms. Valentina Rivera was born and raised in Ecuador. When she was little, her and her older sister attended Belly Dancing classes for two years. She Graduated in La Unidad Educativa Particular Bilingüe La Moderna, Guayaquil-Ecuador,  with a Bachelor of Science. She then completed her studies at CEN, an American Educational Center in Guayaquil. As result, she received her B2 English Certificate and now currently studying tourism at UCSG. She looks forward to learning a new language and being a part of Montessori Global.

Ms. Carmenza Jaramillo

Ms. Carmenza Jaramillo was born and raised in Manizales, Colombia. Ms. Carmenza enjoys gardening as it is one of her passions, she has completed many horticulture courses over the years.  When she was in Colombia, she was a sewing instructor for many years. What She loves most are the children in which she has unconditional love. As well as a love for plants. In her spare time, she loves to sing and dance and is currently studying English.
Montessori Global Research Institute
53 North Old Kings Road
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
(386) 492-7165
(The Nest address for our 0-3 program is
55 N old kings rd Ste F, Ormond Beach, FL 32174)
MGRI provides an environment that is free from discrimination of any type, including based on ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ability, or any other characteristic protected by law.
Montessori Global Research Institute
53 North Old Kings Road, Suites A & B
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
(386) 492-7165
MGRI provides an environment that is free from discrimination of any type, including based on ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ability, or any other characteristic protected by law.
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